Rabu, 03 Juni 2009

Giving Instructions

Asking for Instructions

How do you (do this)?
How do I . . . ?
What is the best way to . . . ?
How do I go about it?
What do you suggest?
How do you suggest I proceed?
What is the first step?

Giving Instructions


First, (you) . . .
Then, (you) . . .
Next, (you) . . .
Lastly, (you) . . .
Starting out
Before you begin, (you should . . .)
The first thing you do is . . . .
I would start by . . .
The best place to begin is . . .
To begin with,
After that,
The next step is to . . .
The next thing you do is . . .
Once you've done that, then . . .
When you finish that, then . . .
The last step is . . .
The last thing you do is . . .
In the end,
When you've finished,
When you've completed all the steps,

Example :

Fold an Origami Seagull

Welcome! Let's play with paper, indulging ourselves in the ancient art of origami! This series of folds makes the Floating Gull. The template follows these instructions (scroll down and get it).

1. Cut the paper to a square along the cut line.
2. Fold on the valley fold line, bringing opposite corners together. In the example, I then turned that fold to be at the top of the picture.
3. Look inside and see the pair of mountain folds that reach from the corner to the sides? Fold the top one (notice that brings an edge of the paper to your valley fold).

4. Then you'll see a fold to make that's a valley fold on top (and a mountain fold below. Amazing!)
5. Flop the paper over (away from you, so that now that first valley fold is towards you) and repeat what you did in steps 3 and 4, folding the other mountain fold and
6. the other valley/mountain fold so that your piece is now symetrical.

7. Just a picture to let you compare yours with mine and congratulate yourself on following directions so well up until now.
8. Fold back and forth on the short dashed lines here, and also
9. the short dashed lines here.

10. Open that first valley fold enough to allow you to fold the "neck" back into the "body" along those heavily creased folds from step 8.
11. Pull the head down into the neck.
12. Finished! Your origami seagull needs a rest now and will be quite content to float upon the sea of papers that you use to hide your desk. Maybe now you want to make one without all the lines printed on it, or possibly spend the rest of your lunch break coloring this one. Don't use your blue Bic® pen or your yellow Hi-Liter® unless you are a Fauvist. ;)

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