Rabu, 03 Juni 2009

Procedure text

Procedures help us do a task or make something. They can be a set of instructions or directions eg step by step method to germinate seeds. The text below is an example of a procedure. The labels show the structure and language features of procedure text.

Procedures begin by outlining an aim or goal.

Sometimes there is a list of the materials and equipment needed.

The steps are then listed in order.

Example of a procedure: shows the structure and language features of a procedure text.

Writing procedures

When writing procedures you should:

• use present tense eg spray

• include technical terms when you need to eg friable

• use words that tell the reader how, when and where to perform the task eg fill, firmly.

Use the sample procedure to answer the following questions.

1 List two words from the text that are written in present tense.

2 List as many words as you can that indicate how, when and where the task should be carried out.

Check your answers

Practice writing a procedure by writing instructions for someone else to:

• start a lawnmower

• make a banana smoothie

• use a microscope

• your choice.

Write a draft using the procedure sample as a model.

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